Ukraine Update

Giving to established registered charities with experience of delivering humanitarian aid in
challenging environments is often the most effective and helpful way to support those in need.
To this end, The Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal has been set up to enable members of the public to
make donations towards supporting Jersey’s response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in
Monetary donations will be welcomed from all citizens and will be used to help those caught
up in the conflict. The Island’s official aid agency, Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA), will work to
direct funds to the agencies and locations where they will have the most impact. JOA will
ensure the funds are allocated to identified projects and accounted for appropriately.
Side By Side is a registered Jersey charity that supports humanitarian assistance to people in
the wake of major emergencies and natural disasters around the world. Side by Side is
fundraising for the Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal to direct people’s generosity to where it is most
If you are a Jersey taxpayer, by donating to Side by Side your money can go further. For
donations of £50 or more, every £1 donated by a taxpayer can be worth £1.25 to the appeal.
The Commissioner is aware of only one registered Jersey charity which has had some part of
its operations in Russia. He recognises, however, that there may be others. To keep up to date
with the latest position on financial sanctions, charities can sign up to alerts issued by the
Jersey Financial Services Commission.
All registered charity governors should also be sure that they know their donors and consider
carefully whether or not to accept donations which may have originated from Russia or
persons known to be associated with the government of that country.